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Water Cooler

Welcome to the BobCAD-CAM Forum Water Cooler!

General Discussion

This is a place where we can chat about whatever does not fit into the current categories. Let’s not talk about politics or religion and just keep it to awesome conversation like cool parts we have made with the software.

BobCAD-CAM Software Discussions

Welcome to the BobCAD-CAM Standalone Software Discussion Area.

BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS Discussions

Welcome to the BobCAM Software Discussion Area.

BobCAM for Rhino

Welcome to the BobCAM for Rhino Software Discussion Area.

Guides and Tutorials

This category is for collections of helpful guides & tutorials to aid in the use and application of BobCAD-CAM products and machining/part making tips and techniques.

Video Lounge

This topic is to share cool videos that pertain to BobCAD-CAM software and the cool parts you make. If you have a video you feel is relevant, please share it here!

Site Feedback

This is the location for discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it. Let us know what you think!