Geometry/Boundary: Copy/Paste + Delete unknown/deleted at once + multiple selection

Hi there,

we all have often to work on same Geometry/Boundary data in different features/operations. It would be marvelous to have an option to Copy/Paste Geometries and Boundaries between features/operations. Currently, there are too many Déjavu clicks to do. Also if geometry data changes during fine tuning this becomes a tedious task.

I also would love to have a button in “Feature Geometry Picking” deleting all Unknown/Delete geometries at once:

And I also miss multiple selection (with Shift or Strg) of geometries.

What are your thoughts about that?
Bye, Harald


I found this surprising that I couldn’t just drag geometry to another operation.


indeed image

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100% agree with you on these.

If I may add to your feature request

The ability to delete an entire chain from the Profile/Chain window with out having to piece pick geometry from the Selected Geometry window.
I know you can delete a chain easy enough by reselecting it, (if selected geometry for a chain is from Solid Edge or Face and flat wireframe), however, at times when selecting multiple entities from 3D wireframe geometry (i.e Shift and Left Mouse Click ), BC will pick geometry that is not in the XY plane you are working in.

In the screen shot below, I left clicked line at 1 and then shift, left clicked at 2. Should be only 1 Chain of 3 pieces of geometry, but as you can see it picked up entities on the lower wireframe and created 2 chains.


I do not know, if BC holds an intern structure knowing about chained geometries or if this is just a feature during selecting/deselecting, where BC tries to collect related lines.

In either cases a one level tree structure (roots just on first level can hold 1-n leaves) within the “Selected Geometry” list would help out of this. For the roots it should be possible to assign an individual name.

it should be possible to reorder the items in the “Selected Geometry” list. It always makes me nervous, when selected lines run out of order because I have sadly selected/deselected in between or missed sometime a line that is added later.

Bye, Harald


Hey Guys, these are all great requests! I will compile them together and make a report to submit to our dev team!

Thanks for all the input on this!

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Thanks for following up on these.

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Hey Guys,

To answer some of these requests, check out the new “Selection” window in V34 and the “Copy with Geometry” button

“Copy with Geometry” can be utilized within the file to keep the currently selected geometry for that feature as well.

The Selections Window can be used to group geometry selections together. In the picture, you can group the square entities by chain selecting (Shift + Left-Click) the square. Then, hit the “Save Current Selection” icon located at the top left of the Selections Windows. You are now to able to select and deselect the whole square geometry with the click of a button. This would also be helpful when selecting geometry for a feature as well. This can also be utilized for 3d models as well.

The other options listed in this forum post are still under review at this time, but those two functions in the new software should be a good way to help with some of the questions brought up.

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