M00 positive stop

Is there a way to put in a positive stop (M00) In your program without using the editor

Watercooler is not the best category to ask such questions :wink:

Yes, in MillTurn. No otherwise. See Can we have a Handwritten Operation.
Bye, Harald

Through custom scripting you could add an advanced posting page to give your operations an extra page where you put a check box to say β€œYes, I want an M00 after this op” then in the post you can read that and output. :wink:

You can look in the data folder C:\BobCAD-CAM Data\BobCAD-CAM V33\Posts\Documentation folder for a document on the Advanced Posting Pages. You would have to be familiar with VB scripting to add the support in the post.

If you wish the posting department could see how long they think it would take to add to your post. I know they have a minimum for scripting time so I would guess around $100.