V-34 Machine Setup and Features

So in V-34 we can now add notes for us the programmers wish is great. But wouldn’t it be even greater to be able to also have the note before the Feature as part of the program so the Setup person or the operator can see a note that might say (move clamp from front of part to back of part),(check hole size)
anything that we want the operator to pay attention too. Just a thought


Hey Eric,

That is definitely something that development considered when implementing this. This is potentially something they will add in the future.

The main intention of the feature was to just have some general notes about the job, feature, etc. We were noticing that many people would come back to a job after a year or more and completely forget all the little details about the job. That was the initial intention of the Add notes, but I also know that they were considering allowing the user to post out the comments as well in futures versions of the software. I will go ahead and add a feature request for this if there isn’t one already.

Thanks for the feedback!

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This would be a nice feature to have, very useful.

Also, I believe there is a similar feature in the works, to add custom code to a program.

See earlier post,

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