V34 Sneak Peek of the day - Selection Manager

I am posting 1 peek per day. I can try to get some CAM in the future :wink:



nice feature :slight_smile:

Is it possible, to get already selected geometry being added to the Selection Manager?

Does the Selection Manager remove geometries, if they are deleted in CAD? And how does the Selection Manager behave, if geometries are grouped/ungrouped in CAD?

As discussed in https://discourse.bobcad.com/t/geometry-boundary-copy-paste-delete-unknown-deleted-at-once-multiple-selection, copy/paste from already selected geometries would made all perfect.

Regards, Harald

Hello Harald,

If you are selecting geometry for a feature you can save the selection as you go. If you already have a feature with selected geometry you can go to reselect from the CAM tree and than save it when you are in the selection mode for that feature without having to repick any geometry as long as its picked already.