2 Axis Profile - Spring Passes - Unofficial

Hi All,

For 2 Axis Profile, I just recently and accidentally discovered I can get extra Spring / Finish Passes by having a value in the overlap dialog box on the Lead Out that is greater than the length on the toolpath for the profile you are cutting. Saves adding another profile op to the feature if you are working on something that needs the extra pass.

This is an unofficial tip, not endorsed by BobCad-Cam.


Great idea!

For those who want the option to add an extra pass, when it is a closed shape do you want it to lead in, cut the shape, lead out… then do the same pass with the lead-in, shape and lead out again


Do you want it to lead in, go around the shape twice and then lead out?


I think
lead in, go around the shape twice and then lead out would be good, also with a option for spring passes on all depths of cut or just on the last depth.

Thank you.



lead in, go around twice and then lead out plus an option to raise up in z during lead out would be perfect to not harm the bottom.

Bye, Harald

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i usually just throw in an extra finish pass…Gibbs i could just tell it in the machining dialog how many spring cuts i wanted…but just throwing in a second or third pass is really just as easy now…

I had some parts with tight tolerance holes and slots, and using this I was able to have a spring pass on each depth of cut. Also, another nice thing about it, each hole or slot was finished with the extra passes per selection as opposed to when adding a copy of the operation to the feature, it will go back thru the selected geometry a second time.

I look forward to the official way of this feature.

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