3Dconnexion mouse troubleshooting

Recently acquired a 3D mouse and am having issues getting it to work properly within BobCad-Cam. I went though all the steps outlined on the “help” page in bobcad.

I’ve tried to use it in V34 and in 2 different builds of V33 but all im able to do is zoom in and out and its a very “jerky” movement. Mouse works the way it should in other programs (cura and Solid Edge) so I’m fairly confident that its not the drivers for the mouse itself. Heres my current settings as well. Any suggestions are welcome .

Here are my current settings…i have no problems…i also have my pop up menu set to 8 buttons which gets me all my views…


I have been running a 3d Connexion Space Explorer for years. I have not updated the drivers in a while and it works fine with all new versions. Here is my driver version.






What drivers are you using for the 3d mouse? Go to your “Device Manager” and locate the mouse driver under “Human Interface Devices”. Right-click on the mouse and select “Properties”.

This is what I am currently using and it works as intended.

3d mouse


looks like we have the same driver, my controls are configured a bit different from yours but even changing them to your settings doesn’t seem to make a difference. you are running the SpacePilot Pro vs. my SpaceMouse Compact but I cant really see that being the issue either. I’ve checked to make sure my PC itself is also running on the latest Windows update.

Do you have any other input devices connected to your computer?

I have heard that sometimes other devices could be blocking the 3d mouse from functioning as the other device is being used instead. You can check in the “Device Manager”.

I would also recommend potentially reaching out the 3dconnexion to get a better idea of what is actually causing the issue.

You also mentioned something about “Jerky” movement. If you have performance issues in BobCAD, go here: https://bobcadsupport.com/technical-support/faq/

Review the question that says, “How can I improve the performance of BobCAD on my computer?”

The Jerky motion was definitely caused by the 3d mouse. As it turns out THE DAY I hooked this mouse up on my computer there was a driver released pretty much immediately after I gave up and left for the day. lucky me I guess :sweat_smile: guess my advice to anyone who comes here wondering why it doesn’t work for them, make sure 3Dconnexion didn’t drop a new driver as soon as you downloaded the previous one. felt like I just blinked one to many times and missed it.

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Haha!! How funny is that? :laughing:

Well, I am glad you were able to figure it out! Hope you have a great week!