Adaptive face Request


I like to request the adaptive face have the ability to change the start point. the tool path always starts lower left corner and with double station vises the machine over travels lot for the lead in. if I could tell the software to start at a different corner it would help a lot.

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3d flatlands has the same issue too.

I agree that feature would be nice to have for the above mentioned strategies.

That ability has been implemented in V35 Adaptive Rough and a couple of other places.

Hopefully soon it will happen for more strategies where needed.

Any Chance, this will make it in V36?

Afraid not, I will put in a feature request for this though.



Another Feature Request for the Facing Strategy would be, the ability to automatically center the toolpath on the area you are facing, probably using a max step over value.


This option would save you from going back and forth using the “First Cut Offset” to center the toolpath.

Tool path centered using “First Cut Offset”.

Thank you

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