Add a skim cut to mill hole wizard strategy

ok so I need to drill and tap a hole but I don’t have the right size metric drill, so I need to drill a hole smaller and interpolate it to the right size… so i find myself wishing there was a way to say cut a finish pass around the hole while on the Machining strategy page of a tapped hole…

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Yes, totally agree, that would be good to have. Add in a simple 2D profile or spiral profile for flat bottom holes. Also have Cutter Compensation. Very useful for working with hard materials where you may need to hold the minor diameter close to the high side of the tolerance.

I hope it happens.



Currently, what I do when I am in need of this is, use the Thread Mill feature for the Center Drill, Drill, Profile and Chamfer. Then add in another feature with Tap only. The good thing with V34 is you can now save geometry selections, so at least the selection will be accurate and faster. But to your feature request, sure would be good to be able to do all in one feature.