Anybody use eDrawings 2019?

I installed it to view customer files and now it seems to be interfering with BobCad.
Just wondering if any one else has had issues with it.
I did submit a ticket to BobCAD to see if they can replicate the problem and possibly sort it out.

I’m running BobCAD V30 build 2815
SolidWorks eDrawing 2019 64bit


Tim Sauder I use eDrawings but only to turn a .DXF into a .JPG no problems that I can tell

I needed to turn .eprt files into .step files so I could open them in BobCAD, so sort of the same thing.

When I installed the eDrawings program though, a window popped up and said it was going to overwrite files shared with BobCAD. I went ahead anyway cause I needed to get these models sorted out so I could quote on them.
That’s when I noticed that there was some glitches within BobCAD, specifically Boolean subtract and solid fillet. Both would delete the first item picked instead of modifying it.

I ended up reinstalling BobCAD and now everything is back to normal.
Also was told it was a good idea to close and reopen the program daily instead of leaving it open 24/7 like I do.

So all fixed…


I was wondering about that. I have been closing my Bobcad every night .