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Hello All,

Not sure how many of us here in this forum used BobCad-Cam V17. This was the version I started with. For toolpath simulation, the area where the toolpath was, was represented by a shaded area based on the tool diameter used.

This is a feature which I believe would be a good feature to have in the back plotting of toolpath. The option to have a shaded toolpath, meaning the diameter of the tool used for the back plotting would shade the toolpath. This way the user can see where the tool is going (instead of a point to point move), if it is going to hit a clamp or just do some unintended cuts and also to see areas / corners that may not be fully cut.

A profile of the inside of a pocket with .100" corner radii using a 3/8" endmill would look like this, showing the lead-in. lead-out and the corners needing to be re-machined with a smaller cutter.


Thank you for looking.


Hey David,

Thanks for the post. I have not used this version of the software, but I think that would be a cool feature to add-in to the new software. I will submit this request over to the development team to review further and will reference this post as well.

Thanks again for the feedback! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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