BobArt Load Image button won't open dialog box

When I am in my BobArt tab, I right click on Images and click on Load Image, but I do not get the dialog box that allows me to select a file to load. I have my image saved as a PDF, but can’t access it in order to vectorize it. Any Help?

Are you running a pc with multiple monitors?

I’m wondering if the dialog is opening on another screen or maybe off your desktop.

Has this ever worked on that pc?

What product version?

What windows version?

Hi Alex,
Thanks for responding and for the suggestions. Turns out I needed a BobCAD software update. I called BobCAD and they were able to diagnose the problem quickly. I am running BobCAD version 32 on Windows 10. It did work before but it had been a couple of months since I’ve had to use BobArt. After the update was installed, my BobArt works perfectly. Thanks again for responding!

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