BOBCAD 3rd Party Support

Folks, I am a retired ENG who decided to take up CNC as a hobby. As most of you know this is a very expensive hobby. I had direct BOBCAD support for a couple years which was great. However, my funds are limited. The new BOBCAD company support structure will not work for me. To expensive. Through my career I have seen similar support situations that are taken on by third parties. Anyone know if such a thing exists in the User Community for BOBCAD. It would be nice to have a pay as you go costing situation for support.

Hi Meyerseng, there is “remote” party support, in relation to some of the resellers in the UK or germany, however I would expect their willingness to offer support would be cleverly disentangled from the expectations imposed on those resellers to not compete with the mother ship product. LIkely their cost will be high. As an “eng” also, I suspect an intellectual bunch of users might form a group that agree to share experiences and ideas with each other, likely via zoom since a written forum is like comparing snail mail postcards to email.

Hi @Meyerseng. Welcome to the forum.

You can always try this forum for some help on issues or for tricks and tips, as others have and gotten help. But as @reseach mentioned you may have to wait a day or too.

What version are you using ?

I too am a retired engineer trying to pour CAM information into the top of my brain faster than it leaks out the bottom on a very limited budget. At the very least, maybe we could support each other. Please feel free to contact me directly at

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Than you for the info!

Using Ver 3.3. Thanks for the info!

Thanks! I will contact you directly.