BobCAD-CAM Crashing or Running Slow?

Hello Everyone,

I have created a new article in the Knowledgebase on our Support site (

The Knowledgebase is created by the Tech Support team to help users find quick answers to common questions that get asked. It is a great resource to utilize whenever you get stuck. Please feel free the check out the Knowledgebase here: Knowledgebase - BobCAD Support

Recently, I have created an article to cover common ways to improve the performance of BobCAD on your computer. Please note that your computer does need to at least meet minimum system requirements to be able to properly run BobCAD (System Requirements | What hardware do I need | BobCAD-CAM)


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very nice. I already did some research on it :slight_smile:

Some points:
searching against e.g. stock orientation precalculates 5 hits, but just one really contains “stock orientation”

searching against “stock orientation” precalculate no hits…

… but doing the search find one result

if reading a knowledgebase introduce on it also the “Search Knowledgebase” for faster access, otherwise it is necessary to reload the common knowledgebase site