Brand New User to the CNC World

Hey guys! I am a BRAND NEW user to Bobcad. Actually, I am a brand new CNC owner. I bought an Industrial CNC Artisan 4 X 8 table. I am planning on supplementing my retirement income in a few years. I need help and encouragement being a novice. This seems very overwhelming. Adding to the challenge is the fact I have no internet access at my home. I am an avid woodworker. I would appreciate any tips and encouragement I can get! I can access this forum from my work computer. I’m looking forward to hearing from you pros! All I ask is that you be patient! I am a rookie!!


Welcome to the forum and the CNC world!

Welcome to the forum, BobCAD-CAM, and the CNC world. Relax, we all were rookies once.

Hey, I bought an industrial CNC 4x8 last year using BobCad v32 and had Never used Cad EVER. It was like learning a new language for me. Don’t get discouraged, I would say first don’t let it intimidate you- play with the software run the simulation and reach out to BobCad staff!! They are the BEST. In a couple months you will be up and running.

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Hey poppat welcome to the forum! Just like what jguarino said, don’t let it intimidate you. I work with our Onboarding team here at BobCAD and the biggest hurdle a lot of people have to get over is just getting started. I would recommend checking out some of our training content whenever you have access to the internet because we’ve been trying to make more of the training content easily accessible. My biggest works of advice would be to take your time and try different things inside the software. It’ll help you understand what these functions do and how to use them.

Also on the BobCAD, we do have the help system built into the software so check that out under “File”, then “Help”, and then at the top of the list you will see “BobCAD-CAM Help”. This is a system that gives information about every function in the program, so if you’re looking for specifics on how things can be used I would check in there.

Feel free to give me a call and we can get you onboarded with the program!