Burr Fee says hello!

Hello, My name is Burr. I live in Hawaii. My brother is a machinist and a BobCad user. He started with V20 and moved up from there. I got involved in helping him as he progressed. A good forum has helped me a great deal with using the software. Have also had some great relationships with some past and present BobCad employee’s who have been a great help and benefit to my brother and i. Am wishing them the best.

We have been excited about how BobCad has progressed. Beyond our expectations!!!

I look forward to the new Forum here and hope to make some posts to contribute.

PS. My daughter took this picture of me a couple years ago! She’s 14.


Welcome to the BobCAD Forum, Burr.

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Hey Burr,

Welcome the the forum!

It is great to hear your story. I am glad that other forums were able to help you in the past. I hope this one helps just as much if not more.

I appreciate any feedback or contributions you add to the forum!

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good to see you Burr and WELCOME to the new forum! looking forward to some good conversations

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Welcome Burr!! I appreciate your post and look forward to the many more!

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Thanks Gokul,
You too! Already seems like a great setup here. Glad to hear from you.

See you in the funny papers :smile: