Can 3D Statues be milled with BobCad 33?

I have BOBCAD 33 with BobArt and Mill 3 & 4 Axis Pro. I am attempting to mill full 360 Deg statues. Since BobArt embosses from a flat 2D surface, it cannot represent the full statue. Is there any other way to accomplish this???

I use V33 3 Axis Pro, no 4th axis option. I think you should be able to bring the statue via a model file and go from there. But after reading your post regarding large step file taking a long time to load, my guess is you have tried that.


Hi David!
Yes, that was the next logical step. I do not believe BOBART is going to be able to-do anything. The STEP file did load finally. But, I see nothing?? Still have the file open. But, task manager does not show much activity in BobCAD. More than likely a lost cause. Need to try a smaller step file.

Thanks for your feedback!!!

Tom M.

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