Can not select lines unless I turn off a layer

SInce installing Bobcad version 30 on a new Windows 11 computer I can not select lines to generate a program unless I turn off a certain layer. Worked fine on a Windows 10 system, never had an issue. Can anyone please tell me if there is a setting I need to change to keep it from doing this. My engineer makes the drawings in Auto Cad and saves them as a drawing file and then I open them in Bobcad. Never had an issue before now doing it this way. Thanks

The only time I have had this is when I have a 2d line on a 3d part. Also what Version?

Version 30,build # 2815 . When a layer contains Auotcad MTEXT is when we are having the issues. if we delete all of the MTEXT the issue goes away. MTEXT is a muti line text object. Again the drawing file is generated in Auotcad as a .dwg file and then I load it into Bobcad to generate my programs.

What happens if you Explode the drawing in Autocad prior to exporting. It may convert the entity type from MTEXT and solve your issue? I know it helped with their polylines back in the day.



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