Can we have a Handwritten Operation

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there is always the need to enrich existing G-code with additional actions (e.g. check cutter breakage after tricky passages or longer nesting task; halt the program to do measurement check; switch a signal to give operator a note to come to the machine; …). Doing this with “Edit Toolpath” would be possible, but it always gets killed if “Compute Toolpath” is done again.

Having an operation, that allows to insert own written G-Code would be perfect. So you can keep working on optimizing the whole flow without adding additional code each time in the generated NC file. Also has the advantage that the addition can not be forgotten :slight_smile:

Bye, Harald


Are you familiar with the MDI options in Mill Turn jobs in the operations?

There are plans to move this functionality into Mill and Lathe so that you can do things like you are suggesting, but I won’t bore you with the details of why it hasn’t happened yet.

Also, in regards to your losing information on compute toolpath, that is the purpose of the locking an operation so if you compute all, it does not alter the locked operations.

Overall I believe the MDI functionality from Mill Turn is what you desire in Milling!

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Yes, now I do a little :wink:
Seems to be the stuff I asked for. Hope it becomes true for Mill Features soon.
And in the Task List I miss the “Before Operation”

Yes, but this doesn’t help if you are in optimization progress…

Bye, Harald


This is a feature I am sure many would like to have, hope it happens.

It would be great to be able to paste in g-code from other jobs and such. Many times I use a pin in the spindle for a part stop, this feature would simplify that process.

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Currently we have MDI options in our Mill Turn jobs, and we can output comments that would be “Code”. Would this solution work if added to the other job types(Mill, 2x Lathe…etc)?

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MDI (as I’ve meanwhile recognized from Mill Turn) will sure help and would be a nice feature to have in remaining job types.

About the comments: do you mean those in Current Settings? I think, they are not really helpful in this case as can just be used in relation with postprocessor.

Bye, Harald


I have never seen how the MDI option works, but sounds like it would be the solution.

Here is an example where I would use it, the highlighted code is what I would manually insert.

Please let me know if this is what it would do.

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Yes, that would be possible. We will make sure the feature request to add MDI is noted that you are also interested in it’s implementation.


Great. Look forward to it.

Hey guys,

just seen in the V34-documentation:

But where is it??? It is neither in BC-CamV34 nor in BC-Cam4RhinoV2. And there is also no MDI in other operations for Job Type = Milling

Did I miss something?

Bye, Harald

Hi Harald,

I believe the MDI input is only available on Mill-Turn features and not for the milling features :frowning:. I don’t have Mill-Turn so I don’t see it either. I think and hope it will be available for Mill 3 Axis / Lathe in the next version upgrade. I know the documentation could be more clear and specific in mentioning at what level of software (i.e 3 Mill 3 Axis, Mill-Turn or Mill 5 Axis ) these things are available and useable instead of sending you on a wild goose chase.



it is not a goose chase. For me it is simply wrong documented. See below for Mill Turn, where the MDI can be found in the Wizard

I know, programming makes much more fun as doing the well needed documentation. but in terms of manuals there is no excuse. If they are poor written, just unnecessary questions comes up.

Many things could be explained by programs itself having explanatory tooltips in addition to field names and units (also often missed in BC-CAM), or if the graphics were fully labeled. I’m still hoping, BC-Team will enhance this in V35, …

Bye, Harald

Good news for you, MDI will be available in Mill and Lathe in V35!


Cool :sunglasses:
Thx for the info.