Centroid on bobcadv31

I have an older anilam m500 controller on a bridgeport clone.I am thinking about updating to a centroid controller. I have BCv31 that has given problematic results with the anilam control. Was wondering if other users have had luck with BC and centroid. Is there a post in the library that actually works without endless tweaking? Was also thinking about converting my lathe - centroid does a pretty good conversational control-at least from thevideos i have watched but not sure if BC for lathe is better. Any thoughts on either topic would be appreciated.

Generic bc3axis works fine for my 2 centroid controls. However there is a centroid post I belive too

Hi DRB, I have an anilam on a clone also. I dont recognize m500. what controller is that? do you mean 5000M? I took the time to fix the BC anilam post processor for 4 axis so it does what I like. as for upgrading, I went to the guy who once was the anilam tech rep, who has a stash of parts, and bought some spares so mine will keep running and it has been reliable. maybe now that I say this it will die.

Sorry actually anilam crusader M, my clark C 500 forklift sprung a hydraulic leak this week too - so had that on my mind. I downloaded the post that BC has ,but needed to fix the drilling cycles etc. Mostly works but every now and then it just does weird stuff. My screen is also going and half the time I have to send it programs without being able to see what I am doing. Usually the horizontal hold will settle down after an hour or two but was looking into changing the screen to a LCD.Found a site online where the guy gives a sorta workable way to do it but have not made the commitment to it yet. If you have a post that works are you willing to share?

Hi Don, yes I am happy to share.
I have the 3000M 4 axis hardware. It appears that the crusader likes to digest normal looking G code, at least as gleaned from my quick look at the BC post they give out. I have two posts I use for my anilam. one makes anilam conversational .M files and the other makes Gcode with the secret symbol to get my control to digest the Gcode. Also, my control (3000M) does not want line numbers. therefore what is in my post processors may not be easy for you to use.

Do attachments flow through this bobcad forum site?
you may also be able to tell me your email and I could send direct.


PS, where are you located. I am in the san francisco bayarea

Yeah maybe not- the Anilam crusader 2 from bc works after I fixed some of the drilling cycles and if I remember to turn off the use arcs checkbox (sometimes use arcs works others times not so much). Right now I am fighting a screen that wont horizontally stabilize - trying to find a screen replacement option that does not cost an arm and a leg. Which is why I am contemplating ripping the guts out and going to a centroid controlled - but their dc motor version is pricey.I am in Salt Lake City by the way.