Changing Work Offset for Jobs

Hello All,

Here is a Feature Request I would like to make and get your input on.

Feature Request is for the Job Work Offset change to be effective when new offset is applied.
When changing the Work Offset value for a job set up, the change you make will be or can be immediately applied to features already programmed in the CAM tree. Save time and potential errors when you have many features to change.

work offset

Currently if you change the work offset either via the flyout or by right clicking on the job set up, the change is only applied to features added after the change is made, which if you do not catch … freaks me out just thinking about it. Also, you have to manually change the work offset in each feature if you want to make a change, which is time consuming and lead to errors.

Thank you for your input.


Great news for you!

This is implemented already for BobCAD V34 so you’ll get it very soon!

Thanks for letting me know.

Keep those feature requests coming in! We are listening and want to make all your lives easier!

Absolutely. Looking thru the forum, there are many good requests that are been looked into.

I know that BC has implemented many requests that I have made down the years, appreciate it very much.

My guess is V34 will be out mid July or so.


as the feature is already implemented in V34: is it this way, that a Work Offset change via Machine Setup image will change the offsets of all features?

I would be happy, if there is a PopUp with a list of all features and their used “Word Offset #” with possibility (e.g. a checkbox) to tell the system, which one should be modified.

Regards, Harald

I know its been out a little while, but wanted to just share in response should anyone see this in the future: