Circles getting corrupted BobCad 21?

I’m having circles become distorted in BobCad 21 on multiple computers.

I draw a circle. move it around, draw more stuff and them when machined the circle is not a perfect circle but more like the shape of an eye with the horizontal distance longer than the vertical. I go back to BobCad screen and check the drawing and sure enough, it’s not a true circle.

Another concern,
Draw a circle,
go to Cam and writ the code,
open new drawing in Cad
in Cad, select the code you just created for the circle,
under “edit”, select geometry from NC

What appears in the new drawing is far from a perfect circle, not even close.

This seems to happen more and more if I keep working and modifying a drawing. Kinda like an error keeps getting compounded every time a drawing is changed.

Any similar experiences?