.CLF Not found V33

New guy here again,
If I open up Bobcad (v33) from the toolbar and proceed to open a saved program and try to post I get the “.clf not found” error.

However if close bobcad and go directly to an existing .bbcd program saved in explorer and right click / open, the post process executes and is correct. This is also true if I close out that file but keep bobcad running. Once I cold start bobcad and attempt to open a file is when I get the error at post.

Ive tried double checking current settings and default settings but they all seem the same. What am I missing?


I think that is in your settings under general . I think the Cam Feature needs to be the same as your older version.

Thanks Eric.
I’ve been back and fourth and cant seem to find anything that doesn’t match from the one that works to a new one that does not in every setting I can find. Im reluctant to go changing anything until I know what it is. Thank you for your reply


Hello @bkane
Please make sure the NC File Path is pointing to the V33 NC folder location. To do that, please follow the steps shown below.

1- Right-click on CAM Defaults in CAM Tree Pane

2- Select the machine you use for posting from the Make drop-down menu

3- Go to Posting Page and click on the Select button under NC File Path

4- Make sure the selected directory is BobCAD-CAM Data\BobCAD-CAM V33\NC

5- Selected the NC folder that matches your post type. For example, if you are programming a mill job, you need to open the Mill Folder. Then, click on Select Folder

6- Click on OK

If you are posting a code for a part file that was saved before this change, you need to re-select the machine in the CAM Tree.

1- Right-click on the machine and click on Edit

2- Click on OK

Now, if you post the code, you should not get that error message. If you still have the same issue after taking these steps, please contact support.

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Thank you for taking the time to explain that.
However my settings are already exactly as you describe. If I open bobcad and attempt to create a fresh toolpath and post I get this error. If I open a previous program (same version 33) from my saved programs and then attempt to program a NEW part without restarting bobcad everything is fine. I will attempt to contact support.

Thank you

The file extension box was missing the " .NC "

supports response:
It sounds like some of your settings maybe incorrect which typically occurs when copying a post processor from another computer.

To fix this problem first go to the CAM Tree and right click on Milling Job and select Current Settings. In the current settings dialog box go to the posting tab found at the left and then look in the NC File Path location which is the location that BobCAD will save g code files when the “Post” button is used. If the folder location does not exist then this is the most common reason why the .CLF Not Found will show up. If the folder does exist then the secondary reason is that there is nothing in the NC File extension box which can be fixed by inputting “.NC”. After fixing both of these try and repost to see if you are getting this error still.

The Milling jobs current settings will affect the current job that you are working on but to permanently fix this error please also change in the CAM Defaults --> Current Settings by following the same process under that current Settings dialog box.

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