Creating a blueprint from a solid?

Does anyone know a good way to create a generic print or blueprint using a solid model?
I have about a dozen parts that I have created programs for based off of example parts and now “The Boss” wants me to print out blueprints of said parts.

Hello Grey!

Welcome to the forum. If you navigate here: C:\BobCAD-CAM Data\BobCAD-CAM V33\Examples\TITLE BLOCKS you will find some premade title blocks that you can use.

Then, you can make multiple copies of the model and rotate/translate them to see the model from a different prospective. Or, it may just be easier to just use the “Extract Edges” command with the “Project to Z plane” checked off. You can select edges or surfaces on the model that you want to project onto the XY plane.

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You are the man Weave! Thanks for the quick response!


I’m doing some 2D drawings and would like to use the title blocks but when I do the default position is the drawings x=0, y=0 axis default to the lower left hand corner. Is there a way to center my drawings in the title block? either a way to move the drawing in or title block in relation to each other?

Joe Lustig