Custom tool - Lathe Tool from a solid model

I know it is possible to define custom lathe tool by using 2D geometry and specifying its thickness.
This option is not always sufficient. It would be excellent if it were possible to use a solid model of the turning tool holder body to define it. This would expand the possibilities for defining custom tools and simplify many things, since many lathe tool manufacturers provide their solid models.
Having a properly defined tool and its model is very important for safe and realistic simulation and control of potential collisions.
For example, I am not able to properly define and simulate this internal turning tool in the current version.

The main problem in the geometry of this tool is that it has a circular cross-section. I know, that it is possible to substitue with profile of tool and small thickness, but it not accurate and it is inaccurate to replace a circular cross-section with a rectangular one.

I think that adding the ability to import/insert a 3D model and use it for subsequent simulation would simplify the definition of custom tooling and make subsequent machining simulation accurate.

What do you think about this?


Great idea. Would just need some way of defining cutting edges and non cutting-edges .