Custom tool V36

Hi there. I have a bunch of custom drawn tools I currently use in V35. Gradually been trying to migrate to V36 but found that I couldn’t calculate toolpaths with them. Has anybody had the same issue and, is there a fix to it?


When you say you can’t calculate with them, what do you specifically mean. Do you receive an error? Is the path generated not correct? Please provide a bit more detail.

Thank You



Good morning. I get the following message:


With surface based toolpaths I get this message:


The installer I used for V36 is the following:

Which specific toolpath operation are you trying to use the tool with? Those seem like two different operations I assume you are getting those errors from?

When in the operation/feature instead of clicking compute, click finish and save the part file and send it to and we will look at it.

1st is ADV PLANAR, 2nd is MORPH BETWEEN 2 SURFS. Sending file right now…