Darren H. Introduction


I’m Darren, and I have been with BobCAD for 8 years. I came to BobCAD after getting laid off at a cabinet making shop. There I was using V23 along with other software programs. When I got hired at BobCAD, I began on version 25 as a support tech. after several years, I have moved to the training department.

Within my time at BobCAD, I have worked as a support tech, demo tech, and now a trainer.

As a support tech, I worked on different issue within the software. For trouble shooting the software, and computer, to modifying post processors for our customers.

As a demo tech, I showed the different modals that BobCAD has to offer. Also helped answer question for our account manager.

As a trainer, I have done countless number of online training. Along with in houses, on sites, and seminars.

I do enjoy my time with BobCAD. Everyday brings on different issues and situations. I look forward to helping out and informing everyone on this forum.


My team and I look forward to having you in Springfield, IL in 2 weeks. Better unpack those winter clothes you put in the attic. We are on flat land and have no hills to sled on, no snow skiing, just cold.