Drill Tip Position in Advanced Rough


I used “Drill Tip Position” in the Advanced Rough tool path strategy hoping I could force the toolpath to start on the back side of the part instead of the left. It did use the drill point at some stage in the toolpath but not at the beginning as I wanting it to.

Is there something else I need to do ?

Thank you for your time.


@gmyers, @Alex_Cole, @TheWeave

Any word or comment on this.

I think it would be a good option to be able to choose a start side or corner for this toolpath strategy.

Appreciate it. Thank you.

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Hey David,

I sent you a direct message asking for the part file. Can you please send that to me? If you can’t send it through the forum, you can send it to support@bobcad.com

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Here is the file. Thank you.


Hey avo!

Sorry for the delay! I actually have been looking into this thought process. The Drill Tip Positions were designed essentially to allow users to plunge into pre-drilled holes and the software finds the drill point that is closest to that region to utilize it as the plunge point and then will plunge there and move to the predetermined start location.

We have recently been working on a small enhancement with the Adaptive pattern where you can utilize the Drill Tip Positions to define where the ramp locations should occur.

So with your part, you have 4 regions (the 4 corners) and essentially what you are asking for is to determine which region is machined first?

I just want to make sure I am fully understanding the request so we can see what methods we can implement.

Hi Greg,

Thank you for that.

I figured the drill point position was more for inside pockets on a part, and was hoping I could have the start plunge be at a selected point.

Yes, if the user could determine what region to start at, that would be great.

Thank you.

Reviewing this a little deeper, we can definitely add a start point control that does add some influence to where the toolpath will start which I believe will solve your case. Thinking through all the scenarios of Adaptive vs Offset vs Parallel and all those fun patterns, I think we can make this a reality for you!

However, my last question with this do you want the tool to actually plunge at this point?

For the start point thought we have been discussing, it really would just be used to pick which region of the toolpath is machined first, it wouldn’t really effect where the tool plunges in.

In your example I think it would work perfectly fine, because in your part its machining the upper left region first, and so using the start point you can specify a point to get it to machine the top right region first.

Hi Greg,

This would be great to have, to be able to choose which quadrant of the part to start roughing on, at least for outer to inner of the part for material removal and in this scenario the plunge point is not necessary.

However for inner pocket material removal using the plunge point to plunge into a pilot hole in a pocket would be good and then the cut toolpath would start from that plunge point.

To answer your question, I would go with the start from a region without using a plunge point. I haven’t actually used Drill Tip Position in Advanced Rough until this scenario came up where I needed to start from a different side of the part. So I ended up using the tool path editor to delete the original plunge and a small portion at the beginning of the tool path and then moving the new plunge Y-1.5".

Thank you again and I look forward to your solution.


Hi Paul,

I got your email. Thank you for your follow up and looking into this.