Face grooving Y axis lathe

I am having an issue getting my live tool to cut a groove in the face of my part on my HAAS ST20 Y. The software just wants to make face cuts. I selected spiral cut, but still get the same result. I have done similar tool paths with success. I must be missing something. I could use some guidence please

Not quite sure what you mean by “face cuts” . Could you provide some more details?


Alex, I have a small groove below the face of the part. It’s a round part. The groove is .058 wide and .030 deep. I don’t have a turning tool small enough to get in there so I was going to use an endmill in a live holder.

If you call into the support team we can walk you through this pretty quick. That will be the quickest way for us to help you at the moment. 727-489-0003