G96 css not getting Generated when posting

Hi, new to forum.
Hope someone can shed some light on the issue I am having.
I use V29 and when I try to post a code with
G96 CSS it does not get posted only G97.
I have tried using several of the different
Post processors within BobCad but none of them make any difference.

Thanks in advance .

Could you upload the post that your using to this forum. The way to get to your post is as followed.
C:\BobCAD-CAM Data\BobCAD-CAM V29\Posts\Lathe

hi, this is the Post processor that i am using .

Here is a post I found with the missing info added into the post. Thanks

Mach3_OEM.BCPst (19.9 KB)

The Post Processor seems to be working
Thanks DMH.