Haas UMCSS with Bobcad

Hi everyone. We’re new to 3+2 and 5-axis machining. Does anyone here have a Haas UMC that they’re using BobCad to program? Would like to have someone who has been through “this” to bounce questions off of.


we have a new UMC 750 and the only thing so far that we have had trouble with in making sure that “C” and “B” axis are included in the fixture offset line for correct positioning we also had them add G53 B0. C0. to the beginning of the NC code to rotate to home

Thanks! Are you guys doing full 5 or mainly 3+2?

Hi @rbrady,

I have tried to reach out to you a few times via email and phone regarding your Haas post request. Please give us a call at (727) 489-0003 whenever you have time.


Hi Mohammad. I apologize. I have gotten your voicemail and emails. I keep saying that I’m going to respond “in a little bit”, but just have not had a chance to get the information you requested. Hopefully we can get the center point of rotation numbers today or tomorrow and I’m going to go to the haas website and download solid models of the machine and hopefully the riser and vise we’re using as well.


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