How to move an STL?

I can save an STL form simulation. But once imported into the new file I can’t figure out how to rotate and translate it to the orientation that I want. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

Thank you

Not sure if this will help, but after I create a model and export to the STL file, I use the STL file for 3D Printing. To rotate the STL file so that it fits properly in the printer, I use one of two free STL file translators prior to printing. One is “Creality Slicer” and the other UltiMaker Cura 5…5.
Just import the STL file to either one of these software packages and then use the rotate abililty within either package. It will output the G code. Bear in mind that it will output the code suitable for a 3D printer, not necessarily for a CNC mill. A little tweaking with beginning / ending tool changes for a CNC mill should set you right.

you move and translate your file just like you would a solid. The only exception is you cannot pick point so you will need to type your number in to move or rotate part two.

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