I used “Output sequence numbers” Set it to No, now DNC does not recognize program

I used “Output sequence numbers” Set it to No, now DNC does not recognize the program, if I try the old program with the sequence numbers, it will allow being copied until the memory in the mill is full. The DNC devise works to copy programs (will copy parameters & diagnostic files properly) from or to mill, but no drip feed.
I review settings with DNC, all looks ok. Any suggestions are warmly welcomed. Many thanks.


Did it still post a program number beginning with O ?

Though I have never heard of it being compulsorily, does your system require a block number before each tool callout? That is the only place I use block numbers. This makes it easier to restart when a cutter breaks.

Many thanks CNC_ALCHEMIST, yes the program does start with a O. It was saved that way. The DNC devise works well if the program is named to match the code.
You ask about block numbers, I will not be using the ATC because I will have a hi-speed spindle attached to the BT-40 spindle. All tool changes will be manual, only 2, ruff & finish cut. I have a M00 in the original program when tools need to be changed. It is my hope I will be able to make this work by “touching off” after the next tool is in the collet, using this new tool length (found in the machine position screen) in the “tool offset” area. Is my approach reasonable?
Currently, I am breaking the program to each tool & type of cut, with the hope that this will be short enough to run each as a separate program.
I am open to suggestions!!

After separating the program in to smaller pieces, this has not allowed the smaller program to be loaded as a program, only 1206 lines of 5603 would load.

The manual for the mill says to use “auto mode” the DNC devise support say use “tape mode”. Now really not shore which is the correct approach.
Suggestions are warmly welcomed. Many thanks.