Inputting and engraving text vertically

I have V28 and V30 .
Is there a way to input text vertically other than inputting it character by character ?
I would like the spacing to be equal between the characters . I found a way to adjust ex spacing , but not line to line…
Right now I drew some witness lines both vertically and horizontally and drag the character to that point.
I have some crosses i need to engrave for my church’s confirmation class , to give to the confirmands .
Each one has a different name that needs to be engraved , etc.

Any help would be appreciated , Thanks

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There is not currently a way to align text vertically, I will add this to our feature requests for our development team to look into.

Currently this is the only method of aligning text vertical, without creating each individual letter.

So there is no way of adjusting line to line spacing , correct ?

I ended up dragging and dropping them , then moving them with the translate function.
Kind of a pain in the rear… as if for example you wanted to write the word Racing in a vertical configuration, the “i” would end up closer to the “c” and it wouldn’t look very good. Also an angled vertical function would be nice.

another “interesting” quirk about text and engraving…when inputting text…on v34 at least…when you do it like just typing…the base points correspond to the available choices (i.e. center ,bottom left, bottom center etc)…but when doing it on any angle other than 0 degrees…then the base points don’t work…it’s easier to translate and rotate if you need to move it rather than just setting the angle and entering the text…why is that?