Jake here from the UP

I must say, I am rather impressed by the quick responses and helpful nature of the people here. I have been using Bobcad since V30 but hardly get a chance to play with it and become truly proficient. I wear many hats here at work ranging from welding, fabrication, machining, maintenance, repair and installation. You will probably see me pop on here and there asking some very oddball questions from time to time lol.


Welcome to the forum, Jake!

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we will answer any and all of your odd ball questions. we are a bunch of odd balls here. LOL. Seriously, we will help you out. Thanks again for joining.


@DMH - Oddball?!? :open_mouth: How dare you!! lol

@TheGreyOutlaw - Jokes aside, glad to see that you’re enjoying the forum as much as we are! A lot of cool things we have planned moving forward.

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Hello Jake. New here myself. Formerly from the UP

Welcome! Glad to have you

Hello Jake,

BobCad technical support is excellent. Very courteous and helpful people, usually get solutions within the day.