Layer Manager context menu - new "List CADTree Items"

Several Solids on several different layers. The solids are used in a variety of features (Translate, Extrude Boss, Delete, etc., etc.). With a “Delete” features a layer looks empty but cannot be deleted.

Proposed Resolution

  1. CAD Tree feature should be uniquely identified. options:

    a) Require a unique name. The default would append a random number to the end (i.e. Extrude Boss 1, Extrude Boss 2)

    b) Add a column to the CAD Tree that would contain a Unique ID (UUID).

  2. Add a new Layer Manager context menu List CADTree Items.
    Invoking this menu item, on a single layer, would: Options:

    a) Present a popup dialog listing the Names or UUID’s of CAD Tree items associated with that layer.

    b) Bring the CAD Tree into focus and temporarily highlight all the associated items (darken the text or change the background color). {With this option, Part 1 above of requiring unique identification would not be required.}

A 2nd implementation of this concept could be in the CAD Tree for Solids. Select a single Solid, right-click List CADTree Items.

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  • No

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Hey David, this is a good one. I like the way you are thinking about this.

It is definitely a hindrance to users when you can not delete a layer because it is linked to the CAD Tree. There needs to be able better way to handle this.

Thanks for the feedback! I will submit a feature request for you and link this post.