Legacy Post Processors

Where are all of the old (v30 and before) post processors?

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Hello Frodo,

Welcome to the forum. One of the posting department staff will respond soon as they have the best info for you on that. I just wanted to welcome you in the meantime.


Thank you for reaching out to us. We have removed the Old (V30 & before) Post Processors from the support site because of the following reasons.

In the Older Version of Software (V30 and before), there were some conditions and logic missing in the main source code, and Post Processors did not have appropriate Post Variables & Post questions to output the right Gcode programs.

All those issues have been resolved in the Software Upgrades to the currently supported versions of BobCAD. During the Software up-gradation process, we have resolved several post variables output and created many new Post blocks with new Post Processor variables and Post questions inside the Post Processors.

Besides that, we have added several new functionalities and many feature enhancements in the newer versions as per our BobCAD User’s requests.

For every software upgrades and service pack release, our Software development team publishes the enhancement notes, here is a link for the latest BobCAD V33 SP1 release notes.


Open this link and scroll to the end of the page and you would find some of our Developer’s notes regarding Post Processors. When compared to the older versions (V30 and Old) we have done several improvements on the Posting side which could not be implemented in the Older Post Processors.

I hope your query is answered. For further assistance please email me at support@bobcad.com and I would be very happy to help you.

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I have spoken with the posting team and determined that customers who need an older version of post processor that is currently NOT available online should simply contact into support with a Post Request and the posting staff will determine what is needed and what we have available.

I also have the same question. While I do understand the above answer and the need to up grade to new versions is the norm in computer world and that it is a giant sweep and some of the issues involved can be and are handled with the upgrade sweep.
It would also seem logical to have the older posts available that were created for the particular version when it was current. If there are issues with the posts they should have been made known by now and a list of the problems should be available as a disclaimer with the down load.
In my case I bought a program v29 from you which I have never put into service. Now I am trying to make it work and looking for the post and Nada. I expected a lot better. I guess the positive is that there is a video on how to modify a post that has been helpful. But when you don’t know where to start it can be overwhelming.

Hi Steve,

The posting department can take a look into your V29 Post Mod requirements and could help you out.

Please send the machine and controller details(Make & model) to support@bobcad.com and include attention to Nizam in the email.

I will look forward to your email.

Thanks Nizam,

I will get this out asap. Have you done one for a 3 axis mill with Masso version G3 yet?


Hi Steve,

Yes. We did a Masso G3 Mill Post. If you are looking for one, then please drop an email to support@bobcad.com regarding it.

We reach out to you accordingly. Thank you.

To make sure the Post Processor generates the Gcode programs according to your machine’s acceptable format, we might need two or three working programs.

Email sent, when you say working programs, do you mean after I edit them. Will you also need the original start code Bob Cad created with the generic post?

Hi Steve,

Yeah. We need the programs that are edited/corrected by you and also the original BobCAD posted programs.

Nizam, Received the post and installed it. Thanks, Changed the post in the program and Just running it in sim mode not to the machine yet. I noticed that it was not now outputting just G01 codes for the arcs and not G02 or G03 codes. Makes the program very long. These are supported G functions in the Masso. How can I turn them back on? Steve

Hi Steve,

I received your email with the part files and Gcode program. I will look into it and get back to you.

hi guys just joined the forum
i was wondering if any one out there can help,i have Bobcadcam V26 loaded onto my PC it has worked fine all the time i have used it with my home built CNC router using the generic bobcad 3 axis mill post
the problem i have now is that since i have moved my milling programs over to a bigger more profesional machine i cannot seem to find a post processor that will work
the machine is a bridgeport 3 axis knee mill using an Anilam 1100m controler it has a built in g code converter program but it comes up with errors when i convert my gcode
i have read that this problem is down to the post processor not being correct
i have looked on the lagacy post processor page but it does not list the Anilam 1100m
can any one out there help
i am not a programer & dont understand how to edit a post processors so maybe someone has a working post for the Anilam 1100m that they could send over to me

hope you guys can help
regards kev

I have a post I modified to run my anilam crusader M, it mostly works if you want to try that. I have V 31 though

hi that would be great :+1:i will give it a try
can you send me over the file

best regards kev