Max Dulski Introduction

Hello. My name is Max Dulski and I am one of the tech support members at BobCAD. As a user of BobCAD-CAM, I enjoy machining and 3D printing.

Let me know if there is anything I can help with!


Hi max, I have not been able to get a technical answer to the fundamental question about my perpetual licenses, for the versions from V30 (I have many) regarding the release or transfer on my RAID1. The issue is how or if I must make the transfer or release with regard to my hard disk dying, or if I even need to release or transfer. The issue is when a part of the raid dies it has an auto repair, so may I use the raid repair as it was designed? Since I have a raid 1 system, the system never really dies so can I just replace the bad side of the raid and let windows rebuild the raid or will this break the license attchement to the raid system. The point of raid is so there is no downtime meaning I dont need to be in the business of releasing or transfering. Someone in your software team must know.
thanks, Mark