Mike D. Introduction


My name is Mike Dulski and I have been at BobCAD-CAM since January 2010. In that time, I have worked on the sales floor, helping bring in new business. Until I took over the Shipping Department. During my time in shipping, I used V24 Training Professor videos to learn the software. That is, until the Big Boss upstairs found out, and I was moved into Technical Support.

In Tech Support, I helped many customers figure out the issues they were having with both the software and the functions of the software. The problem was, I spent too much time on the phone teaching, instead of just fixing the issues.

So, eventually I was added to the Training Team, so I could spend more time teaching customers how to use the software instead of just fixing the problems. During my time in training, I have completed hundreds of hours of Online Training, as well as traveled around the country to do in-person training. I am also the voice of most of the Training Professor Videos over the last few years.

I am now also one of the Admins here on the forum and I look forward to helping everyone I can. So, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!!