Mill 2 Axis Wizard Help

I’m looking for something that describes the nomenclature used in the various pages in the Mill 2 Axis Wizard. I work as a machinist in the late 60s and 70s. I am now retired and trying to learn CAM in BobCAD. The problem for me is understanding what each setting in the wizard really is. I’ve been doing kind of a trial and error trying to equate what the results are to what I knew from my past life as a machinist.
Is there any information/documentation out there for the wizard that will help?

V34, V33
Bye, Harald


That is what I do. Also you can go to the Material Library,Modify Material,Tool Materials. And add names to have more control for your tools speeds and feeds.

There has been a good answer with the help system from inside the software. The link below will bring you to the CAM Overview Page where you can dig in a bit more to what you’re looking for specifically on the CAM side:

V33 CAM Overview

Here is another link to a support site article covering going through a CAM project, which has a pretty good explanation for each one of the steps:

First CAM Job Walkthrough (Mill)

Hopefully that helps!