Monitor survey.....?

What do you prefer with BobCAD ?.. dual monitors or wide screen 21:9
and have you tried both?

i just use a 16:9 24 inch monitor…seems to work well for what i do…

When the new UI came out, which is very good and appreciated, I got a 27" (16:9) monitor and it is very comfortable to work with. Below is the layout I work with.

When you say dual monitors, are you extending 2 monitors ?

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Ya - extending one…interesting layout…I might try what you got going on, on the right…

Yes, I try to keep the things I use often readily available.

I use the Extending also, for some reason I thought that was one image stretched over 2 monitors :thinking:. Weekend is here, I will get some rest.

How did you get the smaller text size in the windows on the panes on the left and right?

I suspect its his windows display setting under “scale and layout”

I think that is due to the resolution of the monitor.


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