Moveing Axis Origin Symbol

I have a part where I put the start hole and the axis origin symbol at the top and now
I want to start at the bottom, how do I move the axis origin symbol to a new location?

Thanks for any help you can provide - Paul

Hi Paul,

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By “axis origin symbol” do you mean the UCS


UCS - Yes, that is what I meant.

Hi Paul

There is a UCS pane with 3 system UCS configuration. Top Front and Side. These are fixed system UCS’s which cannot be moved in anyway.

However in the UCS pane you should see a Create UCS button with which you can create UCS anywhere on the part.
I am on my phone now so I can’t show it in BC.

If you want to keep using the system UCS, you will have to translate the geometry.



Thanks David.

What version BC do you have, mine is V29.

Hi Paul,
I am using V33. The UI is much different and modern than V29. It has been a while since I used V29, so there most likely has been changes with UCS capabilities.

Hey Paul,
You are in luck! With V33 you are able to use the new Align feature to move and rotate the global UCS and align it to your part. Check out this article from the help system describing how this new to V33 tool works:|Utilities|Move|_____5

However if you are just trying to move where your 0,0,0 is for the Gcode, you only need to move your machine setup location from the CAM tree, and do not need to bother with moving or rotating anything.

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