Multiple work offset issues between each part

I’m using bobcad v33. Trying to setup 3 parts in 3 vices. using G54, G55, G56. Figured out how to do machine setup, work offset pattern. Went to current settings, posting, checked both output subprograms and checked subprogram for operations. The problem is Between each G offset the post doesn’t always put an XY move if it doesn’t need to move in one of those directions to get to the location for the next part. It will come down in the first part and move to the second basically destroying the first part to get to the second. a simple example would be a face mill going from one part to the next. first part would go to XY location and cut the part. the tool is already in the correct Y location for the next part so it doesn’t put Y in for G55 and the machine will assume its already in the right location on the table. so it would be like G54 X 1.0 Y0 Then on G55 X1.0
I’m trying to simplify my post as much as possible. Sorry if it isn’t to clear.

We need to see your part file with toolpath saved in it along with a copy of your post processor and machine definition to determine if its an issue in the post processor or what. Please send the files into so we can help you with this.

That will be the easiest