"NC file running error( li"

Hi Guys,

I’m making a cut out on a 5’x10’ piece of plastic and I’m running into an error, “NC file running error( li” I’m not sure what this error is and how to fix it. I’m using BobCAD to make my file, let me know if you need any more info for you to help me.

Hey David,
I haven’t seen that error before. Could you attach a screenshot? Is this error coming from Bobcad when trying to Post the program?

Hi Alex,

I’m running into this issue when trying to cut out my model on the CNC router.

Is there more to the error message, are you able to scroll over on the display?
What post processor are you using in Bobcad, do you have a Weihong Post processor?

Could you attach the program you are sending to the machine?

After spending all day on this I found out what the issue was, I’m really new to BobCAD and I didn’t know that some special characters will break the file on the CNC machines, so after removing the parentheses from the title it worked.

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I think some place in the settings you can turn off all comments