Nesting part number changes

Using BobCad V31 for my nesting software on my laser. When I load my DXF or DWG files, into the nesting wizzard it changes the part name from whatever my customer has specified as a part number to part1 or part2 etc. This is not very much fun when you are nesting 30 different part numbers that all have different quantities. Right now I have to upload each individual part 1 at a time and copy and paste the correct part number onto each file as it is loaded into the nesting wizzard. This is not very effecient and I’m sure that there has to be way to keep the assigned part number to each uploaed file, but I haven’t found it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



General question: where has the nesting feature been hiding/gone? I’m on V33 (BC4Rhino V1). On whole BC homepage there is no information about it. At least not directly retrievable. Using BC’s search bar also results in an empty set. Using internet search engines there are results (e.g. But those seems to be old information (V28) and they are not linked on the homepage.
@Nickelson79: sorry not to have an answer for you.
Hegards, Harald