Nizam Introduction

Hello Everyone,

I am Nizam and I have been working as Post Processor Developer at BobCAD-CAM since Oct 2018.

Here at BobCAD-CAM, I develop Post Processors for a variety of CNC Machine tools including Lathe, Wire EDM, Water Jet, Plasma, Mill-Turn, Wood routers(equipped with Multiple heads, drill bank units, etc), Milling machines(3,4 & 5 axes), etc.

I learned more about CNC machining in Grad School while working in the Materials and Nano Science Laboratory. During that time, I had an opportunity to learn about design and fabricate Li-ion Battery split cells and CO2 Chamber for different student research groups.

Besides my work at BobCAD, I enjoy learning and designing parts for CNC machining and building mechanical prototypes.

In this forum, I look forward to helping the BobCAD-CAM community and learn new machining tips & tricks from the community discussions.