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Hello! I have been using BobCAD for about 25+years. For the last 7 years I have been using only the CAD. It was all I could afford at the time. I now have the full V33 and am learning the CAM side. Some learning curves here. I am 7 years retired. The company I was working at started using BobCad/CAM around 1990 by my request. We had nothing before so there was a lot of calculating from prints. I am using another software for the CAM. I have a CNC Plasma Cutter.


Hey there Gene!

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Hi Gene!

Since 1990? You got me beat by a decade…


Hey Gene Welcome, I started with Bobcad when there was DOS on the computer. Not that I kept up with it and your right it is far different than it was back then.
Enjoy. Steve

It is different! When I bought BobCAD/CAM for FabMasters Co. it was on 2-4 1/2 " floppy disc at a cost of $100.00 . It helped a lot when Programming G-code for an old DynaPath controller. Now I am trying to figure out the CAM side and to Post Process. Is there a way to edit a Post Processor to work with a new to BobCAD controller. (Langmuir FireControl for their CrossFire Pro Plasma Cutter.)
The Help Team is working on this but many times the Users can help out a lot faster bc they use the software and have found better ways of doing things. If I knew how to access one the Post Processors I think I could edit it my self. Are there any suggestions?

Hello @Gene

This is Mo with the posting department. These videos from our YouTube channel will help you get started. If you need more info, we can send you a copy of our post-processor help system that has a few lessons on how to write a post-processor.
1- What is a post-processor?
2- Access Post Processors that Come with the Software
3- Access Post Processor Documentation

Please let me know if you need anything else.