Picking Manager/ auto-select V36

V36 now has a ‘picking manager’ box that pops up in the works space. Annoying, but I found I can make the box small and move it up out of the way. The real issue is that it defaults to ‘auto-select’ which is never what I wish to do, so every time I open a new window, I have to remember to uncheck the default properties. Again, annoying but manageable.

The real problem is that I have somehow managed to hide the ‘Picking Manager’ pop up box entirely and cannot find a way to restore it. This would be fine with me except that the thing exists somewhere and still defaults ‘auto-select’. This renders the program pretty much unusable for me, as it is impossible to select segments of a chain.

Any advice as to how to locate the ‘Picking Manager’ and if possible change the default selection of the ‘auto-select’ option?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!


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I’ve asked for a change just like that. Give me default without the auto select. It at times makes it useless (actually just very, very frustrating) to me.

The system does allow you to “Dock” the picking manager in the side panes like I have shown here. This should help with getting it out of the CAD window for ya.



I agree with what’s been said above, but the docking of it is definitely a solution for me.

I wanted to bring something else up also, it takes an enormous amount of time for me to stop picking things when I’m done (the larger the file the longer it takes). I work with tons of 3d geometry from customers and don’t have great control on their format/size, when coupling that with needing multiple copies and including all the fixturing. Scenario is I’m transforming something, anything: a line; a solid; big or small is irrelevant. I click transform tool, select item, type in transform, hit ok, then when I go to hit cancel to exit the transform tool, I was 6 seconds (again, seems directly proportional to file size). That’s what is annoying me.

THERE IS A RADIO BUTTON IN THE WINDOW THAT SAYS MANUAL CONNECTION, THAT IF YOU CLICK IT IS SHUTS OFF THE AUTO CONNECT…sorry…capslock… and that stays as default until the program is shut down i’m assuming


I just wanted to bring up that there is a feature request in to set a default state of the picking manager so that you do not have to disable it every time you close down the software.

Also, for anyone that wants to learn about how each option works in this manager, I made a Knowledgebase Article here: Picking Manager – How it Works

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can a hot key be, or a mouse button be designated to toggle the opposite auto chaining state?