Post Processor -number format question

I’ve spent over an hour trying to find the location in my post where the tool number format is located.
My post outputs the tool number as T009.00. I need the format to be T0909.00.
Does anyone know where this is located in the post?

This for Lathe or Mill?

I am thinking Lathe and most likely Mazak if you are using a decimal point tool number…is that correct?

For 2 axis lathe you can read block 1512 here:

For Mill Turn you can reference tool device blocks section here and you can find the reference table for formatting the tool number:

HTH (hope this helps)


Thank you Alex! Yes, it was for a Mazak MT. That 2nd link pointed me to exactly where I needed to go to change the tool number format.

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Glad I could help. :grinning: