Predator CNC Editor with BobCAD v30

Hi all, For some reason I do not have a backplot option anywhere I can see in Predator CNC Editor when opening up a NC file created in BobCAD v30. I have used the Predator software for years with BobCAD v25 with no issues with backplotting. Is there an option that needs to be turned on? Or is the post causing it to not read the code correctly?

Any help is appreciated,

You must have the edit pro option to be able to backplot. If you think it should be on there, call support and they can get it working for you.

Keep in mind we have replaced the editor with a new (better) one now. Have you checked it out?

Thanks Alex, I do have the Predator CNC Editor Pro license. Since v30 is no longer supported and I am not on a support program can I still get help with this at BobCAD? I know at one time this was working but now it is not.

Thanks again,


Have you gotten any help with this? We can assist with recovering the predator program in support.

If you have some time, call in and ask for Max and I’ll get it all squared away if that hasn’t happened yet.

The main number is 727-442-3554. Feel free to give me a call!

Thanks Max, yes I just got it working. I still have BobCAD v25 with Predator installed on an old Windows 7 computer and was able to backplot files from both BobCAD v25 and v30 on that computer, so I compared both Predator Editor 7.0 folders and found one file that was not on my Windows 10 (BobCAD v30) computer and one file with a different date. I saved the Editor 7.0 files on the Windows 10 computer to a different folder for backup and copied the Editor 7.0 folder from my Windows 7 computer and pasted it into the Editor 7.0 folder on the Windows 10 computer and that did the trick. Predator is now working with backplot.

Thank you for reaching out to me to fix this problem.


Fantastic! I’m glad you got it working!